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Real Estate Sales Associate Post-Licensing Course (Online & Classroom)
Online Course
45 hours – Tuition $100
Now that you’re gotten your Sales Associate license you are officially a real estate pro but, you’ve still got that pesky post-licensing requirement to get out of the way! Our 45-hour course is perfect for getting you on track. Better yet, save time and money by taking your sales post-licensing course online! Get started in minutes, complete modules at your own pace and get the FREC off your back by enrolling right now!
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Classroom Course
45 hours – Tuition $350

This “hands-on” course satisfies the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) requirement for sales associate post licensing education. We recommend that you take it soon after receiving your license.

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Real Estate Broker Post-Licensing Course (Online & Classroom)
Online Courses
30 hours per course – Tuition $120
Florida requires a full 60 hours of post-licensing education for brokers…but who has that kind of time? Get your 60 hour education requirement squared away on your time, at your pace with this convenient option. Our broker post-license courses fulfill the FREC education requirement for brokers who hold a current valid broker’s license in Florida.

Brokerage Management – 30hrs

Real Estate Investment – 30hrs

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Real Estate Continuing Education
Distance Education, Book or Online
14 hours
Tuition: $21.95 (book version) or $20 (online version)
Brokers and Sales Associates may reach the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) requirement for continuing education by taking this  14-hour course. This course is offered online and in an instructor-led classroom environment.
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Real Estate License Reactivation Education
Online Course
28 hours
Tuition: $75
After two years, your license will become void unless you apply for renewal. If you do not complete fulfill this requirement your license becomes “Involuntarily Inactive.” You may reactivate an involuntarily inactive license:

(a) within 12 months of expiration by [Complete this 14-hour course]

(b) after 12 months but less than 24 months [Complete this course]

ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE APPLICABLE COURSE: apply for renewal and pay the late fee.

Real Estate Fundamentals of Home Inspection
Fundamentals of Home Inspection (40-Hour Online Course with Exam)
Approx 40 hours – Tuition $450
This course offers a comprehensive introduction to home inspection. By featuring detailed illustrations and clear explanations this course provides everything you’ll need to become a professional home inspector. This course combines lessons that students can review at their own pace and a variety of exercise styles so that students can prepare and learn the material in a manner that is the most conducive to their success.

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Real Estate Principles of Home Inspection (100+ Hour Online Course with Exam)
Approx 100 hours – Tuition $650
This 100 hour course provides an exquisitely detailed approach to the science of home inspection. Students are provided with an unparalleled purview into a robust offering of  coursework, preparation materials and practice exams that will facilitate optimal success.
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