General Information

The Real Estate Academy of Florida                                  

The Real Estate Academy  was originally founded with a vision of helping others to become successful working in the real estate industry as a real estate sales agent, broker or appraiser. The goal was to give the students proper training and provide exceptional student services to ensure students would excel  in the Real Estate Industry.

Mission & Goal

The Real Estate Academy in Miami Florida is a private postsecondary institution dedicated to providing quality education designed to prepare students for work in the real estate industry. The curriculum prepares students for employment within the real estate  industry by developing new skills, expanding their knowledge base and awakening new intellectual interests.
The Real Estate Academy strives in all its activities to provide an atmosphere that fosters professional and personal development, academic achievement and social interaction.
The Student Experience

The “student experience” is a signature of  the Real Estate Academy. The instructors and staff strive to make each student’s time enjoyable, exciting, and rewarding. We believe that a positive environment leads to success!